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Golden Tower

Appointment: 2016

Location: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Jeddah

Lighting Designer: Jan Van Lierde Studio

Architect: Nabil Gholam Architects,Saudi Diyar Consultant

The golden tower stands 205 meters from the ground at Jeddah’s corniche. Embracing high modern living quality, The Golden Tower integrates traditional architectural features reminiscent of old Jeddah, blending seamlessly with the surrounding environment. The irregular layers animate the tower similar to authentic watchtowers, a main feature of Islamic architecture.
In association with Jan Van Lierde Studio, Vice has been assigned to create a chandelier for the impressive lobby of a nine-meter high ceiling & the tower façade. To create the perfect chandelier while aesthetically embodying the tranquil shore line, the chandelier was designed using 6000 crystals weighing 2.8 tons that added splendor for a welcoming grand entrance.
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